Photo-Etching, electrocasting and punching for thin plate by Meltec

Mesh/Filter(micro hole processing by etching and electroforming)

Suitable fabrication (Etching/Elactrocasting/Stamping) for material and application will be proposed.

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1.Electrocasting process (material:Ni/Cu) 

-Taper-less vertical section.

-Suitable for high accuracy and high precision product.

-High degree of hardnessref. Hv550and high durability.

e.g. t=0.02min rib width 0.018, min apertura width0.045


  Nickel 3D Mesh   Nickel flat mesh
 Seamless structured 3D electrocasting
φ20 t=0.060
Taper-less structured flat mesh bya elactrocasting method.
 Hard and durable.

2. Etching process

-SUS sheet and other various metals can be processed.

-Additional process (bending, diffusion bonding and surface treatment) are available.

-High productivity.e.g. SUS304/t0.05min hole dia 0.08, min pitch0.13

Sutainless honey comb mesh Sutainless circle hole filter
 High aperture ratio honey comb structure.  Shape depending on intended use can be processed.
  t=0.05 Min dia 0.08 etc.
High corrosion resistance. Able to be processed with high dimensional accuracy for general use to food and medial use.

  Mesh of extremely small hole dia.
extremely small hole dia φ0.005


3.Stamping process (material: PET film/metal sheet) 

-Hoop material can be fabricated.

-Suitable for high-volume production of plastic and metal sheet.

e.g. PET t=0.2: min hole dia 0.4, min pitch 0.8



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