Photo-Etching, electrocasting and punching for thin plate by Meltec

Injection molding

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All in-house processing from die making to molding.
Assembly with metal parts(stamping and etching parts) can be produced in large volume.

Facilities for die making
-OKK machining center VB53
-Sodik precise wire electric discharge machine AG40L
-Latest facilities: wire-cut, plane lap, fraise milling, lathe, 3DCADCAM, 3D measuring instrument etc.
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Technology highlights

  • Small size precision component(100tn or less).
  • Insert molding with metal patrs( Advantage in injection with etched and stamped parts.)
  • Injection molding of special plastic.

Insert molding (star wheel)

Double teeth starwheel
(phase shifting type is available)

Insert molding (encoder disk

Metal + Molded hub


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