Photo-etching, electrocasting, molding, encoder disk and sheet stamping by MELTEC

Photo-etching, electrocasting +composite process(molding/black treatment/rolling and etc.)and specialist of scale for encoder(film, metal and etc.)



Materials from SUS/CU/AL/Ni special ones(Mo, Ti, Al).
Etching to 3D and curved surface are also available.

Thin-film Etching

Suputter, everporated thin film precise patterning.(ITO/Al/Zinic sulfide/Ni etc.)


We offer high precision pattern by integration of coating technology, etching and die making technology.

High functional black treatment

Functional black treatment by highly effective antireflection and rust prevention.
Surface treatmentnt which meets various request can be proposed

Scale for encoder (disk/linear)

Transparent and reflective type of Hybrid/Metal/PET film. Available from low cost to high precision.


Suitable fabrication (etchin/electcasting/
stamping)for material and applicaiton will be proposed.

Stamping for sheet

Stamping for plastic plate/Process of parts by collaboration of wire-electrical discharge and etching.

Composite process

Integration of wide variety of technology from die making/diffusion bonding/spot welding/bending/insert molding to coating etc.

Injection molding

All in-house processing from die making to molding.

  • 2017 June 21-23 To be exhibited to M-TECH at Tokyo Bigsite
  • 2017 Apr 19-21 exhibited to Motortech of Techno Frontier
  • 2017 Feb Revised quality environment policy and updated its activity on 2016
  • 2017 Feb 15-17 Exhibited to Surtech
  • 2016 June: Exhibited to 20th M-Tech
  • 2013 July: Established Thailand factory in Nava Nakom, Nakhon Ratchasima
  • 2014 Feb: New technology: thin film etching is added to the page.