Photo-etching, electrocasting, molding, encoder disk and sheet stamping by MELTEC

Photo-etching, electrocasting
and composite process by MELTEC



Materials from SUS/CU/AL/Ni/
Nichrome to special ones
(Mo, Ti, Al).
Etching to 3D and curved surface are also available.

Thin-film Etching

Suputter, everporated thin film precise patterning.(ITO/Al/Zinic sulfide/Ni etc.)


We offer high precision pattern by integration of coating technology, etching and die making technology.

Melt-black (Surface treatment))

Functional black treatment by highly effective antireflection and rust prevention.
Surface treatmentnt which meets various request can be proposed

Scale for encoder (disk/linear)

Transparent and reflective type of Hybrid/Metal/PET film. Available from low cost to high precision.


Suitable fabrication (etchin/electcasting/
stamping)for material and applicaiton will be proposed.

Stamping for sheet

Stamping for plastic plate/Process of parts by collaboration of wire-electrical discharge and etching.

Composite process

Integration of wide variety of technology from die making/diffusion bonding/spot welding/bending/insert molding to coating etc.

Injection molding

All in-house processing from die making to molding.

  • 2017 Apr 19-21 To be exhibited to Motortech of Techno Frontier
  • 2017 Feb Revised quality environment policy and updated its activity on 2016
  • 2017 Feb 15-17 Exhibited to Surtech
  • 2016 June: Exhibited to 20th M-Tech
  • 2013 July: Established Thailand factory in Nava Nakom, Nakhon Ratchasima
  • 2014 Feb: New technology: thin film etching is added to the page.